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Post by SlayerMathis on Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:34 am

[center] Great Arm: Jiug Bul

Teigu's Name: Great Arm: Jiug Bul
Teigu's Type: Pair of gloves
Elemental Affiliation: Fire
Appearance: A pair of black leather gloves, with red streaks across it. Reaches down to the wrist. Slightly ripped near wrist from overuse from previous owner
Weight: ~.5 lbs
Type: Offensive
Abilities/Attributes: (what can it do and at what rank an it start to do it? Does it give stat buffs? Stat debuffs? Does it shoot fire? Contain a deadly poison? Allow it's user to control water? Tell us what it does in a paragraph of no less than 25 words per rank.)

  • D-rank:
    Small tendrils of fire are brought forth from the gloves to act as whips. Tendrils grow on increase in rank
  • C-rank:
    Anything carried by the wielder of Jiug Bul is set ablaze. As with the previous effect, increase in rank makes the fire hotter and larger.
  • B-rank:
    Small fireballs are allowed to be thrown. This can either be one larger fireball or several smaller ones. Rank increase allows either larger single fireball or more smaller ones
  • A-rank:
    Fire can be sprouted up from the ground. This is a very powerful attack, but it takes a much longer cooldown than most other abilities.
  • S-rank:
    Any sort of fire can be controlled, regardless of if it is conjured by the Teigu. Larger flames require more concentration to control and are generally more difficult to control

Trump Card Name: Izvirdums
Trump Card: ( An offensive Trump Card that causes a single, massive fire sprout to erupt from the ground. The higher the rank, the larger the radius. B-Rank: 100m. A-Rank: 150m. S-Rank: 250m. In addition to larger radius, higher rank makes the flame hotter. B-Rank: 4,000°F, A-Rank: 5,500°F, S-Rank: 9,941°F

As it is gloves, it provides little to no defensive rating
A and S Rank abilities tire the user out immensely.
Trump Card kills user 10% of the time

Character ties: Edriel Maraxos’ grandfather was a member of the original Resistance, and had the Teigu. He acquired the Teigu after Night Raid had hunted down a corrupt general with the weapon around a year prior to Akame ga Kill’s story. They brought the Teigu to the Resistance to see if anyone could equip it, and Edriel’s grandfather could. It has since been passed down through their generations.

Teigu history: N/A

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