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To increase activity and fun  Empty To increase activity and fun

Post by Teskei Nami on Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:28 am

I suggest allowing players to create their own factions and start off without a faction, because realistically you don't just jump into a RP instantly every should start a new, also players should be allowed to start an character at A rank or lower but, the higher the rank you start off with you have more weaknesses or you sacrifice something as great as life force, also no invulnerability, no instant kill ability on other players, also if character chooses to flee a fight the should always have 100% success as its unfair to just kill off player characters without the player consenting to their characters death. also players who aren't online or currently rolplaying cannot be attacked or killed, cause that's bullshit. also roles no matter the powers or ability determine the success of hits and damage, if specified loss of limbs and body parts is possible if damage and precision of the strike is high enough in the roles. also if a player dies by a danger beast they are allowed to either kill off the character or just respawn it, as character deaths and new character creation takes time and slows if not halts plot and the rp itself. also rank shouldn't affect the outcome of a battle, roles and logic should. Admins please consider this, theirs no fun if its bullshit.
Teskei Nami
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To increase activity and fun  Empty Re: To increase activity and fun

Post by Oberon on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:00 am

Reading thru this. Some things are agreeable some things are not. There is no way in the world will someone start of at A rank. Growing stronger is a part of the RP. I was thinking about lowering the process a bit to allow for faster growth but the other admins are not here to vote on it. No insta kill and invulnerability is already in the rule section (the last time I checked). I was looking more into an in depth stat system and how I would be able to implement one. To allow more variations in battle play. I will take this all into consideration. If you have a proposal let me know. If it is a good one we can try it out.

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