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Teskei Nami,Please read all of it!! Empty Teskei Nami,Please read all of it!!

Post by Teskei Nami on Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:39 am

Please consider this
I spent an hour or two on writing this and i simply wish to create a character which both adds to the plot, i understand we use roles we can figure out my stats and how things work through emailing i understand i’m not starting at D-rank, the reason this is that i might be powerful but it's up to the results of roles to determine a fight plus i don't have much time to spend on this every day so i'm begging you allow this to simply spice up the story i have spent hours creating this.

Lone Wolf template(aka I'm choosing not to join either side or night raid or jaegers)

Teskei Nami,Please read all of it!! Face claim picture here
"Forsaken but still alive"

Name: Teskei Nami
Age: (19)
Birthday (Unknown)
Gender (Male)
Sexual Orientation: (Straight)
No associations
Rank: (A)
Teigu: (Forbidden arms Parasite Devil)

The Facade

Build: (Slender,average)
Height: (6'2)
Weight: (125 lb's)
Skin Color:[white]
[b]Hair color:
Eye Color: (Gold)
Attire:(Black hoodie,and black jeans,and black shoes,when anonymous the mask in my picture also)
Extra (24 scars down my back)

The Persona

Personality: (Dark,mysterious,cold, no memory of my past, a victim of a cruel experiment, looking for power to feed on, lone wolf no associations”yet”,Hatred for the weak,is a unique character to spice up the story,anti-hero type personality)
Fighting Style: (Teigu only,reckless,fast,has no concern for self safety,feels little to no physical pain,Forbidden Arms Parasite Devil is a teigu that was exiled by the 1st emperor and supposedly destroyed, as it was to dangerous to both the wielder and those around them, the inventor was banished from the land, he had finished the prototype and made it anyways out in the wild and released it to feed on danger beasts.its organic type a 2ft Parasitic Worm that feeds on living creatures, it can bind to a human host(aka me)and give it the ability to manipulate reality with the fears of other beings,it also spreads a yellow mustard gas during the process the gas is area is the teigu limited reach for manipulation,can create illusions and even birth them into reality. hand to hand is decent no other skills.also teigu cost lifeforce to use taking off years of life!)
Likes: (Girls,Blood and gore,fear,power,and philosophy)
Dislikes: (Weak beings,scumbags,idiots,liars,and drunks)
Fears: (Being reminded of a dead girl Was once in love with.triggers will happen through the RP)
Motivations: Revenge towards the creator of the teigu inside me i can't remove!!! and the capital for creating it.
Extra: (manic depression/and bloodlust)

The Past
History: (Born in a small village in the country,raised by a mother and father and had a little sister. for 8 years life was happy and then my village was burned down and family slaughtered by general Esdeath on my ninth birthday,3 years later after surviving in the woods,I was caved in a set of underground tunnels after spending hours trying to escape, I encountered the Forbidden arms Parasite Devil, it quickly latched to my arm and furious ruptured the skin with unbearable pain it slowly traversing my insides to it settled inside my heart, after passing out from the pain,I reawoke outside looking for shelter I ended up coming across a cabin, with a family of four mom,dad,and two daughters. they took me in and for two years i lived in happiness again, the older of the two girls rika I had fallen in love with, though i didn't know what the feeling really was at the time i was only fourteen.two years later her mother had fallen ill and they could not pay for a proper doctor. on the day of her mother's death rika and her sister ran away from home blaming their father, I hunted them to bring them back and confess my love to Rika. I found them by a nearby waterfall about a mile from the house. After taking a breather A B class danger beast,jumped out of the trees it was a 760 lb’s wolf in a panic I forze. as it leaped at me, i blacked out then i awoke to a Mustard yellow fog filling the air, the corpse of the beast rotting full of large Black spiders cocooning the corpse. Rika was alive, but her young sister dera was dead because of me my power used her fear of spiders to create the giant arachnids that killed the beast, but what i didn't realize at the time was that my power did more than protect us, it feed on Dera’s happiness draining her at such an early age of 8 she died for shock. after seeing what happened rika ran deep into woods, what i did realize is when i blacked out i was awake, my face turned burnt black and it melted into a sharp eyed skull as the yellow gas leaked from my eyes and mouth. she ran from fear and blamed me for her sister's death in the moment she ran, I finally caught up to her after she reached a cliffside, after confessing my love and asking her to come home she jumped to death down a 60ft drop. she feared my and screamed b=monster as she fell, after the event i returned to the house only to find the father hanging from a nuess a suicide note explaining he failed as a father. From that day on i cursed the monster inside of me,and over years the pain numbed and i just took up bouncing hunting for a living now known as the Faceless Jack.)

One Final Question: How many general rules are there? 6 sections I read them.
Teskei Nami
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